Human Resources

Enrolling in/
Changing Benefits

How & When to Enroll in Benefits

New hires must enroll in benefits within 30 days from date of hire.  Employees that have a status change must enroll in benefits within 30 days of becoming eligible for benefits. You will enroll in benefits online using Employee Self-Service (ESS)

To enroll from home, go to and enter your Campus Key and Password. Click on Employee Self-Service and enter your Campus Key and Password again. Follow the enrollment instructions.

The benefits you choose will remain in effect until December 31 of that year.  You cannot make changes during the year unless you have a life event. Every fall, you will have an opportunity to make changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment.  Any changes you make at Open Enrollment take effect on the upcoming January 1.  

Enrolling Dependents

You may enroll your eligible dependents in a Jefferson medical, dental, life insurance or AD&D plan.  Eligible dependents include your spouse and children up to age 26.  If you choose to enroll your dependents in benefits, you will need to submit dependent verification documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) within 30 days from the date you add them as a dependent. Prior year tax returns can be accepted if certificates are not available. This information should be provided to your HR Business Partner.  

Changing Your Benefits During the Year
Due to a Life Event

You can only change your benefit elections during the year if you have a life event, as defined by the IRS.  That is why it is important to review your choices carefully to ensure the benefits you choose will meet the needs of you and your family throughout the year.  If you have a life event, you can only make a change to your coverage that is consistent with the life event.  For example, if you get married, you may add your spouse to medical coverage, but may not switch medical plans.


Life event rules are governed by IRS regulations and exceptions are not permitted. Life Events include:

  • Marital status change (marriage, divorce, death of spouse)
  • Change in number of dependents (birth, adoption, death of dependent)
  • You or one of your covered dependents gain or lose other benefits coverage
  • Any other event recognized under applicable law and regulations as a reason to change an election under the Benefits Program 

Marriage, birth or adoption life events can be submitted through Employee Self-Service.  You can access a step-by-step guide to assist you with updating your life event information here. Contact your HR Business Partner to report other life event changes.

You must submit supporting documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of new coverage, etc.) to your HR Business Partner within 30 days of the life event. Prior year tax returns can be accepted if certificates are not available. You can review your updated benefit elections 2 business days after making the change by going to Employee Self Service - Benefits - Benefits Summary.

When Coverage Ends

For You

Jefferson benefit coverage ends for you upon the following events:

  • Medical and dental benefits end on the last day of the month in which your employment ends or you no longer meet the applicable eligibility requirements of the plans
  • Life insurance, disability and FSA benefits end on the date your employment ends or you no longer meet the applicable eligibility requirements of the plans

For Your Dependents

Jefferson benefit coverage ends for your dependents on the date:

  • Your coverage ends
  • Your dependent no longer meets the definition of an eligible dependent
  • You remove a dependent from coverage due to a life event

Coverage may also end if you stop making required payments, you misrepresent your dependent’s eligibility status or the plan ends.


COBRA requires continuation coverage to be offered to covered employees, their spouses, their former spouses and their dependent children when group health coverage would otherwise be lost due to certain specific qualifying events.  For more information on COBRA see the Benefits Guidebook (PDF).