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Mission, Vision, Values & Code of Conduct

Jefferson's Mission, Vision, Values & Code of Conduct inform all that we do for our students, patients, and staff every day. If you have a story about how you or one of your employees or co-workers help bring Jefferson's mission to life through displaying our values, send an email to and your submission could be featured on the intranet or on one of our social media platforms. 

We are dedicated to maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of our operations and in our professional and business conduct. Together, we work to protect our values. Read further below for information on Jefferson's Code of Conduct and the confidential alert line.

Jefferson's Mission, Vision & Values

Jefferson's Mission, Vision & Values


We Improve Lives.


Reimagining health, education and discovery to create unparalleled value.



Put People First

  • Service-Minded: Anticipates the needs of our students, patients, families and fellow employees to provide a positive experience.
  • Respectful: Shows empathy and consideration for the feelings and rights of others; communicates openly and listens without judgment; demonstrates civility.
  • Embraces Diversity: Appreciates differences of others; works well with others to solve problems and achieve results.


Be Bold & Think Differently

  • Innovative: Thinks outside the box. Embraces change and contributes to the success of new ideas.
  • Courageous: Respectfully challenges the process to achieve better results; speaks up even if difficult.
  • Solution-Oriented: Looks for answers to problems and challenges. Seeks out and/or accepts additional responsibilities.


Do the Right Thing

  • Safety-Focused: Speaks up to create and sustain a safe environment; works to prevent errors and reduce harm.
  • Integrity: Demonstrates ethical behavior, honesty, and good judgment in all interactions.
  • Accountability: Accepts responsibility for individual actions and performance.

FAQs about Jefferson's Mission, Vision, & Values

Have questions about the enterprise Mission, Vision, & Values? Take a look at the FAQs below, or download a PDF of the FAQs by clicking the button to the right. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please send an email to

How will I be expected to incorporate Jefferson's values into my job?

There’s no need to delay – every Jefferson employee should begin living these values (made clear through Behavioral Anchors)  right now.

Managers will be expected to help their teams understand the actions and values as a framework for how we work. All employees will be expected to uphold the values and will see the values integrated into performance reviews.

How did you decide on the new values and the new language?

Jefferson’s new values have been developed through several phases. Input was gathered through surveys and focus groups that were held across the enterprise.  An enterprise-wide Culture Jam further informed the direction of our Mission, Vision and Values.  Many employees, managers, physicians and faculty were asked to provide professional insight and contribution before our values were approved by the Board of Directors in April 2017.

Why are the values expressed in terms of behavior?

The Behavioral expectations are the behaviors that all employees should display when doing their work. They allow us to evaluate and coach employees on values in a consistent and systematic way.

They are also meant to help employees understand what is expected of them across Jefferson’s enterprise.

What’s wrong with the values we had?

Nothing was wrong with our previous values. In fact, the words we use to describe the values today may be different, but the essence of our values remains deeply rooted in Abington, Aria, and Jefferson’s culture and history of success.

The addition of ‘Putting People First’, ‘Doing the Right Thing’ and ‘Being Bold and Thinking Differently’ positions us to face the future successfully as a growing and diverse enterprise.

What are managers' responsibilities with regard to the values?

Supervisors and managers play a critical role in helping to make sure we bring our values to life each and every day. Use the manager's checklist to see how to emphasize Jefferson's values and encourage employees to demonstrate the behaviors that help Jefferson improve lives. Managers will also be using the behavioral expectations during the FY18 performance evaluation process.

What is the Manager Toolkit and where can I find it?

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to use the following materials to help employees get familiar with the mission, vision, and values: 

  • Manager Responsibility Checklist
  • PowerPoint presentation with talking points
  • FAQs
  • Flyer
  • Employee Recognition Template

All of these tools are available to Jefferson managers and supervisors on the Management Portal.

Abington leaders are able to access on The Bing by choosing "About Us" on the toolbar and then navigating to "Our Mission, Vision and Values." The voice-over presentation recording is located on the "Safe TV" site on the intranet.

Aria employees can access the mission, vision and values and the supporting materials on the intranet. 

How will the new values be integrated into performance reviews?

For FY 2017, Jefferson employees will be evaluated on the existing values as they have the past two years. Employees will be coached by their manager on the new behaviors throughout the year and evaluated on them next year.

While the new Values may seem new and different, the Behavioral Expectations are closely aligned with the behaviors that have always been important to us. 

Beginning with the FY 2018 performance evaluation cycle, all Jefferson employees will be officially evaluated on the 3 new Values and their behavioral expectations.

How else will the values be used?

Besides being the expectations for behavior every day for every Jefferson employee, we have also incorporated the values into our talent acquisition process.

We seek to hire individuals whose professional behaviors are aligned with Jefferson’s values and behavioral expectations.

In addition, employees may be rewarded for exceeding expectations related to our values through Jefferson’s recognition program. 

What is the relationship between my personal values and Jefferson’s values?

We don’t intend to tell people what their values for self, family, life, etc. should be, but we do owe it to everyone within the Jefferson family to make clear the behaviors we expect within the Jefferson community and what we should expect from each other.

To the extent that your values align naturally with Jefferson’s values, there is no better place for you to work.

Jefferson's Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

Potential Code Violations

All members of the Jefferson community are expected to be honest and use good judgment. The behavior examples below represent potential violations of the Code:

  • Knowingly authorizing or participating in a violation of federal, state or local law and/or regulations
  • Leaders, supervisors or managers failing to provide adequate supervision or displaying a lack of diligence in ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and policies, including our Code.
  • Punishing individuals who report issues and/or concerns in good faith.
  • Deliberately filing false Code violation reports.
  • Submitting falsified medical, business or academic records.
  • Actions that are discriminatory or rise to the level of harassment.
  • Intentional behaviors that put at risk the privacy and security of Protected Health Information, other confidential information, or private business information.

Reporting Possible Code of Conduct Violations

You do not have to be sure that you are right to raise concerns about potential violations of the Code, Jefferson’s policies, laws, or regulations. Jefferson will investigate all good faith reports of possible misconduct. 

Employees can ask questions or report issues to their immediate supervisor, higher-level department managers or leaders, human resources, the office of legal counsel or the compliance office.

Additionally, anyone can anonymously and confidentially report concerns by using Jefferson's third-party 24/7 alertline at 888-5-COMPLY (888-526-6759) or

Policies & Procedures

Jefferson employees can use the links below to access hospital and university policies and procedures. Please note you must be on Jefferson's campus network to access the policy pages. Abington and Aria employees can reference their entity policies and procedures through the local intranet.