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MyTime & Attendance

Jefferson is transitioning away from Kronos as our time and attendance system. Kronos will be replaced by the MyTime & Attendance system, which will be implemented over the weekend of March 4, 2017. This page will provide updates and answers to FAQs about MyTime & Attendance as we move forward with implementation.

Pay Schedule

View the pay schedule for calendar year 2017.

View the pay schedule for calendar year 2018.

2017 Holidays

View the official holidays for 2017. And view instructional information for logging employee holiday pay in MyTime.

1199C employees: View the official list of 2017 holidays for 1199C Bargaining Unit. And view information for 1199C Holiday Pay procedures.

General MyTime FAQs

The following FAQ documents and user guides can help provide introductory information as you start using MyTime.

Time Clock Locations & Tutorials

See a full list of campus time clock locations.

Manager & Timekeeper Information & Guides

Employee Information & Guides

Learn more about using MyTime (PDF) for specific tasks, such as:

MyTime Presentations

Click the links below to view the MyTime presentations that have been delivered.

MySchedule - Learn More

MySchedule is the replacement for JeffTime. It is a vendor-hosted software which allows nursing staff and leaders to schedule shifts and vacation time.

How Do I Access MySchedule?

You can access MySchedule from any location via:

In addition, there is a link above on this page, and it is also available from Jefferson's main HR webpage in the "Current Employees" box.

How Can Staff Log On to MySchedule?

Staff will access MySchedule by logging on with their Campus Key and their Campus Key network password.

What If an Employee Forgets His or Her Password or Has Questions About the Software?

Should you have a problem logging in with yoru Campus Key and Password, please contact the Solution Center at 215-955-7975 for assistance. 

Additionally, staff can contact their manager and/or an Advanced User with any questions regarding the use of the MySchedule system. 

Who are the Advanced Users?

The following Advanced Users have been identified to help the department currently using JeffTime have a smooth transition to MySchedule:

  • 9 Central: Patricia Dallmer
  • Ambulatory Procedure Unit: Betsy John
  • Assign Supv: Mary Vergara
  • Cardiology 5 West: Helene Dailey
  • CVICU: Michelle Munday
  • Department of Nursing: Ashley Benton, Christine Diem, Julie Lo & Quanda Smith
  • Emergency Service - Nursing: Donna Ioquinto
  • H.R.I.S. - Diana Straw, Dorothy Arroyo, William Young
  • JeffSTAT: Raymond Birkmire
  • JHN Emergency Room: Donald Cubler
  • JHN NICU & INICU: Karen Eliasen
  • Medicine 3E: Gabrielle Mangan
  • Med Respiratory Care Unit: Robert Keough
  • Nursing - B3: John Renzi
  • Nursing - B6 S/E: Lorraine Belcher
  • Nursing - Development Staff: Carolyn De Melas
  • Nursing - Operating Room: Bridget Quaintance
  • Nursing - SDA/SPU: Lorraine Weikel
  • Nursing Service Administration: Matthew Kennedy & Maryann Vesci
  • Pharmacy: Andrew Cowan & Jacqueline Lam
  • Pharmacy Administration: Peter Primick
  • SDA/SPU Unit: Kathleen Jaffe

MySchedule FAQs & User Guide Information

The following FAQ documents and user guides can help provide introductory information as you start using MySchedule.

Any employee who will be accessing MySchedule can access these FAQs for more information about the system, its features and how it differs from JeffTime.

Managers, take a look at the common questions you may receive and use this guide as a reference. These documents will continue to be updated as more questions are received.