Human Resources

Applicant FAQs

Thank you for your interest in advancing your career at Jefferson. Please review frequently asked questions below to assist you in the application process.

What is a typical hiring process?*

  1. Complete Jefferson on-online Application
  2. Recruiter Phone Screen
  3. Recruiter Interview
  4. Hiring Manager Interview
  5. Reference Request

* The order, additions and deletions of steps are subject to change.

I already filled out an application for another position. Do I have to put all the information in again?

We take your application seriously—and that’s why each is reviewed separately. So to be considered for a position, you must apply to each job directly.

Can I submit a resume for more than one job at a time?

We expect applicants to submit a separate resume and application for each position.

Why can’t I change the information on my application/resume?

Once you submit your application, it is considered an official document of Jefferson and no alterations can be made. However, if you think of anything else you’d like us to know about you, we invite you to add additional resumes to your profile and application, but you cannot delete any information already submitted.

Will I be notified either way regarding the interview?

We want your application process to be as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ll notify you regarding interviews either way. If you appear to meet the qualifications of the position you are applying for, a recruiter may call you for an interview. If the position closed or we think you may be better suited elsewhere, you will be notified via email. Please take into account that we experience a large volume of applications, so this process may take up to several weeks.

What is considered appropriate attire for an interview?

Here at Jefferson, we are proud of our professional appearance—and you should show off yours too during your interview. Please note that professional attire does not include: denim, T-shirts, sweat pants/shirts, shorts, shear clothing, spandex materials, sneakers/athletic shoes, jogging suits and any similar casual attire.

If I’m having trouble applying online, what do I do?

If you are having technical difficulties uploading your resume, please be sure you are using a current browser and are not using a PDF document.

What type of Orientation will I receive as a new Jefferson employee?

All new recruits are required to attend New Employee Orientation, which is the first day of your employment at Jefferson.

Does Jefferson offer any kind of housing assistance for employees who are moving into the Philadelphia area?

Jefferson employees may take advantage of the University’s Department of Housing and Residence Life. The Department of Housing and Residence Life Provides off-campus housing information to the Jefferson community. The public information service is available to Jefferson students, employees, visitors and affiliates. The primary goal of the service is to offer information to those seeking available housing. The Department of Housing and Residence Life does not endorse individual properties or Realtors and does not secure housing for individuals. Current listings are also available on the bulletin board located in the Lobby of the Edison Building, 130 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. The bulletin board located in the lobby of the Edison Building is the only authorized posting sight. Notices of available housing posted elsewhere are subject to removal.

How safe is it working around Jefferson?

The Jefferson community is patrolled by Jefferson's own security force that uses state-of-the-art equipment, closed circuit television cameras, on-campus call boxes, consistent ID checks, and statistical analysis of crime reports to maintain the highest quality security. In addition, employees who work late at night can request a security escort.

The security department also maintains close relationships with the Center City Police District and the neighboring Police Districts. The Center City Police District augments the neighboring Police Districts and has been a rich source of support information, photographs and other pertinent information regarding incidents in Jefferson's area. In addition, the Security department enjoys a close affiliation with the PATCO Police Department and the SEPTA Police Department. Another component of the Department's plan for providing a safe and secure environment for our employees is the "safe corridor" program. Initiated in 1994, the Security Department began deploying Security Officers to strategic perimeter points around campus at specific times. These "safe corridors" provide an added measure of safety and security for our employees and students traveling to and from the Hospital or University.

What is an “academic medical center”?

Academic medical centers are usually large medical institutions that are closely associated with medical schools and schools of allied health professions, like nursing. This means that they can offer students a chance to learn and be taught in a hospital setting. In addition, they offer the highest level of specialization in medical care. Academic medical centers are often where people go when they need medical care that is beyond what they can find in their local hospital.

Relationships between community hospitals like the Methodist Hospital Division and academic medical centers like Jefferson bring patients the best of both worlds. Patients know their healthcare professionals are members of the Jefferson staff, but they are cared for in their own neighborhood, close to home, family and friends.

What is there to do in downtown Philadelphia?

What isn't there to do downtown? They say that location is everything, and Jefferson has it. Jefferson Hospital is lucky to be located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, with access to virtually any type of restaurant or entertainment facility. The Hospital is literally surrounded by the Walnut Street and Forrest Theatres, the Avenue of the Arts and several movie complexes including the popular Ritz movie chain. There are lots of places to shop, with everything from K-Mart to designer boutiques, and just about any kind of ethnic cuisine just blocks away – French, Italian, Chinese, Glatt Kosher, Japanese, Indian restaurants, just to name a few. You can take a walk through the City's Historic District, go down to the Delaware River to watch the Camden Aquarium Ferry, or take a bike ride along Boat House Row. If you want to get out of town for a few days, you are just a few hours away from the Jersey shore, New York City or Washington DC. Jefferson's Methodist Hospital Division is located in South Philadelphia, one of the city's more colorful neighborhoods, made popular by the movie Rocky. Methodist Hospital enjoys a close bond with several of the Mummer's clubs, who often provide entertainment for hospital patients and visitors. The hospital is also near the famous Italian Market as well as several locations where one can pick up a Philadelphia cheesesteak.

What if my resume will not upload?

If you are having technical difficulties uploading your resume, please be sure you are using a current browser and are not using a PDF document.