Human Resources

Community Service Award



The Community Service Award is presented annually to a Jefferson employee who consistently demonstrates an unyielding dedication to community service, and to improving the lives of others.

Award Timeframe

The Community Service award is presented annually for activities completed over the prior year. The nomination window opens at the beginning of each calendar year and remains open for approximately two months. The Enterprise Community Service Committee will review the nominations and will award a winner for each entity. The winner will be contacted by the Enterprise Community Service Committee in the spring.

Criteria and Nomination Guidelines

The nomination must demonstrate the nominees ongoing community service, which incorporates the below characteristics. Please describe how the nominee has met each of the below characteristics that are required to be a leader within the community:

  1. Leadership: An individual who makes significant contributions to building a sense of unity and purpose in his or her community. The nominee should have a demonstrated ability to build stronger communities through promotion of personal growth and development.
  2. Social Responsibility: An individual who assists others in improving their communities through volunteer programs, social groups, outreach centers, sports programs or after school groups. The nominee should have contributed to least one community program or initiative with measurable results of how they impacted participants of that community program or initiative.
  3. Mentorship: An individual who demonstrates positive values and behaviors that influence others to emulate or aspire to emulate. The nominee should have examples of instances during which they have mentored community members in a positive way.
  4. Change Agent: An individual who influences or stimulates others to effect positive changes through personal development or self-improvement. The nominee should have demonstrated their role as a change agent. 

Reward Type

Individual winners will receive a $1,000 donation to a 501c3 charity of their choice. Winners will also be publicly recognized on the enterprise employee portal, myJeffHub, and their respective entity intranets. Winners will also be invited to an annual awards event to celebrate all Jefferson Heroes.

Contact the Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Office with questions about this award.