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2016 Jefferson Nurse Excellence Winners

The 2016 Jefferson Nurse Excellence Winners

Jefferson Nurses are recognized through the annual Jefferson Nursing Excellence Awards. Some of these awards are:

Transformational Leadership Award

Awarded to nurses who inspire others to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Transformational leaders influence, motivate, encourage and empower innovation and creativity.

Structural Empowerment Award
The Structural Empowerment award recognizes nurses who are highly engaged in professional development activities, shared governance and community health outreach.

Exemplary Professional Practice Award
Awarded to nurses who are committed to improving their practice through collaboration, communication and continuous performance improvement in order to provide the highest quality care for all patient populations.

New Knowledge, Innovation and Improvement Award
The New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements award recognizes nurses who are passionate about embedding evidence-based practice into their care, are innovative problem solvers, and who contribute their original work to expand the nursing knowledge base and showcase Jefferson talent.

Anne Rogan Award
The Anne Rogan Nursing Award recognizes a nurse whose work exemplifies a positive attitude, generously contributes to others and has the ability to remain motivated to accomplish goals in the face of adversity or obstacles.

Janet C. Hindson Award
The Miss Janet C. Hindson Award recognizes an individual nurse whose work celebrates the caring and service to others that characterized Miss Hindson's life. The award is given annually to the nurse who demonstrates steadfast caring for the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Jefferson nurses are also been honored with external accolades:

  • Advance for Nurses Best Nursing Team Award
  • Giving Excellence Meaning (GEM) Awards
  • Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania
  • and more!