Human Resources

Externship FAQ

As an extern, how much time do I have to commit to each week?

If you are selected to be a nurse extern, you will be expected to work every other weekend - two eight-hour shifts, day or evening, during the school year. During the summer, you will work two eight-hour shifts during the day, evening, or night.

How much do externs make?

Nurse externs are paid $14.00 per hour, with a shift differential of 10% for evening and night shifts. Nurse externs are required to work every other weekend.

When can I start?

Orientations are held every month.

What can I expect during my first days as an extern?

You will have a classroom orientation followed by a unit orientation.

When am I eligible to apply for a nurse externship?

Nursing students are eligible for our externship program after completing one semester of hospital med/surg clinical experience.

How do I apply for an externship?

Are externs eligible for Jefferson employee benefits?

No. Nurse extern positions are temporary, part-time positions.

What kind of orientation can I expect?

Orientation provides a review of the skills and knowledge required to participate as a member of our healthcare team. Formal educational opportunities and interactive sessions will prepare you for working as a nurse extern at Jefferson

How do I get to Jefferson?

You can find directions and maps on our website. Transportation and parking information is available at the Commuter Services Office, Victory Building 10th & Chestnut Streets. Call 215-955-6417 to find out more.  

What do I wear?

Wear casual clothes for the first day of orientation. We require scrubs or white uniforms on the nursing units. 

Do I need any special certifications to be eligible for an externship?

Jefferson requires all externs to maintain current CPR certification. We will check CPR cards during sign-in.