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Nurses on Jefferson’s Medical/Surgical Units manage the care of patients of all ages with multiple medical/surgical diagnoses and diagnoses across all medical specialties including oncology, cardiology, transplant, orthopedic, rehab, trauma, gynecology and urology.

Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Unit – B1

The Acute Care of the Elderly Unit at Methodist Hospital offers 10 inpatient beds, specifically designed to address the needs of hospitalized adults ages 65 and older. Nursing care and treatment promote mobility, independence, socialization and frequent medication reviews to keep older adults active and ready to return home as soon as possible. 

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (Gibbon Building)

In this eight-bed unit, patients are slowly weaned from their antiepileptic medications, to allow them to have seizures in a controlled environment.  These seizures are captured with state-of-the-art continuous digital EEG and video monitors. The specialized nurse training here also includes admissions for the Ketogenic Diet.

Jefferson Infusion Center (JIC)

The Jefferson Infusion Center (JIC) is a 30-bay outpatient setting and was established to provide comprehensive care to oncology patients.  Patients are able to receive a variety of therapies.  In addition, the unit participates in multiple clinical trials.

General Surgery – B3

Our 16-private bed surgical unit strives to provide quality care in a cost-effective manner and to provide the safest, most appropriate patient care for the patients that we serve. Our nursing department provides IV antiarrhythmic therapy, oxygen therapy, pain management and parenteral and enteral nutrition to patients from middle age to older adults and geriatrics. The most common surgical services are general surgery, urology, ENT, gynecology and orthopedics. 

General Surgery/Trauma (7 Center / Northcenter)

This is a 23-bed general surgery, trauma unit with specialized care to patients who require surgical intervention. Complex injuries resulting from falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, gunshots and stabbings, pedestrian versus motor vehicle accidents and recreational or sport-related injuries are treated here. Our surgical population also ranges, from colorectal/gastrointestinal surgery to vascular surgery and general surgery, to breast surgery trauma and radiation implant and/or drink therapy. We also specialize in the care of patients undergoing metabolic and bariatric surgery. 

General Surgical (13 Pavilion)

This 18-bed, general medical/surgical unit consists of single rooms and two suites. Patient population includes those who have had abdominal, colorectal, vascular, or breast surgery. Surgical patients often have needs that involve care of complex wounds, TPN, tube feedings, ostomies and drainage catheters. Additionally, nurses care for medically complex patients with varied needs.

GYN Surgery and General Medicine (7 West / Northwest)

This 30 bed medical/surgical oncology unit provides specialized care required by patients with gynecologic, gynecologic-oncology, and gynecologic-urology surgeries.  The unit provides care for breast, and general surgeries as well as for general medicine and medical oncology diagnoses.

Medical Oncology (3 West / Northwest)

This 34-bed Medical Oncology Unit provides specialized care required by patients with medical and/or oncology diagnoses. Nurses who staff the oncology unit are specially trained to care for the unique needs of cancer patients.  Nurses attend a three-day course specific to cancer care and chemotherapy administration with a transition from advanced beginner to competent cancer nurses.

Orthopedics (9 West Gibbon / 9 Pavilion / 9 Thompson)

This 48-bed unit is catered to pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. Patients here undergo a wide spectrum of orthopedic diagnoses, including total joint replacements and revisions, foot and ankle surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, hand surgery, orthopedic trauma, periprosthetic infections and fractures, and orthopedic oncology. This unit also serves the needs of general trauma, spine surgery and some medical-surgical patients. 

Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (9 Center / Northcenter Gibbon Building)

This is also known as the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgical sub-specialty unit. The nurses are knowledgeable and able to care for a vast ENT patient population, including those who require complex tracheostomy or laryngectomy. The staff frequently shares their expertise with other units and within the nurse residency program. In addition to airway management, the staff also cares for patients with neurological, neurosurgical, and trauma-related injuries.  

Radiation Oncology Center

Hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for treatment of inpatients and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for outpatient therapy.  The Radiation Oncology Center performs approximately 2,000 consultations per year, with treatment delivery to approximately 1,250 patients each year.

The Bodine Center has a multidisciplinary clinic daily including: uveal melanoma, CNS/brain, lung, and genito-urinary discussions.  The multidisciplinary conferences are attended by the various specialties yielding the best possible plans of care for patients.

Rehabilitation Unit (3 Thompson)

This 23-bed acute Rehabilitation Unit provides specialized rehabilitation care required by patients with orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, degenerative neuromuscular diseases, spinal cord injury, multi-system dependent deconditioning, rehab oncology, trauma, and stroke.

Urology, Transplant and Renal Unit (7 North / Northcenter)

This 23-bed medical/surgical unit specializes in Urology and Transplant surgeries.