Human Resources

Women & Children

Rated by U.S. News and World Report as among the Best Hospitals in Gynecology in the nation Jefferson provides expert obstetrical and maternity care for thousands of women in the Philadelphia area each year. Our experienced nurses have knowledge in routine labor and delivery care; lactation consultation; high-risk obstetrics and flexibility in the operating room role. They provide state-of-the art care for premature or critically ill infants as well as for children with chronic conditions who are transitioning to home. Through high quality care and education, our goal is to achieve positive outcomes for mother, new baby and the entire family.

High Risk Obstetrics Unit (12 Thompson)

The 13-bed High Risk Obstetrics Unit provides specialized care to the high risk antepartum and postpartum woman. Patient population includes mothers with pre-term labor, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and poly-substance abuse.  Nurses also focus on patient education related to pregnancy and or the post-partum/newborn period.

Labor and Delivery (7 Pavilion)

The Labor and Delivery Unit is a 15-bed specialized obstetrical unit for the child-bearing woman requiring antenatal and intrapartum care from triage, obstetrical interventions and anesthesia recovery. Our nurses have expert knowledge in high risk obstetrics and flexibility in the operating room role.

Maternal-Infant Unit/Nursery (12 Pavilion)

The Maternal-Infant Unit is an 18-bed post partum/nursery unit provides care to postpartum women and their newborns. Nurses care for the mother/infant dyad with a family-centered approach and include the father or significant other in our care.  Rooming-in is encouraged to enhance bonding and breastfeeding. All nursing staff receive a three-day breastfeeding course including bedside education by our lactation consultants.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (8 Pavilion)

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a 40-bed combined intensive care and transitional nursery that provides specialized care required by critically ill neonates and infants. Nurses provide expert care for prematurity, acute respiratory, medical and cardiac disorders.  Other services include extracorporeal oxygenation (ECMO), Head Cooling, and a neonatal transport team.  The unit is affiliated with the only methadone clinic in Philadelphia caring for both infants and their families.

Pediatrics/Children’s Rehab Unit (11 Pavilion)

The Pediatric/Children’s Rehab Unit is a 13-bed unit accommodating a full range of patients from 2 days of life up to 18 years of age. Nurses provide specialized care for children with acute and chronic respiratory disorders, diabetes, failure to thrive, ENT surgery, orthopedic surgery, trauma, GI surgery, neurological disorders, infections requiring long-term antibiotic therapy, infant transition and drug withdrawal. Our goal is to adequately prepare our families to safely care for their children at home. Eighty percent of our staff are pediatric certified nurses.